The fascists with black-and-vinous banners and the symbols of SS division Galichina of the time of WW2 came to power in Ukraine now. And their nature is manifested through the atrocities that they committed in Odessa, where they killed 116 people. Those people died not because of a fire as western mass media depict. On Russian websites there are the photos of some of these people killed. It is obvious from them that some girls were raped and then burned with napalm. A killed pregnant woman is lying on the table - she was simply strangled with a telephone cord, not burned. Many people are with bullet wounds, some of them are with broken necks, and their heads are burned, because napalm was poured on the heads. That was not a fire but a punitive action of new ukrainian SS against those who didn’t want to submit to them. Now in the Southeast of Ukraine a small number of Russians living there are trying to protect in arms their freedom from Ukrainian fascists. And the west calls these people terrorists though they are defending the land where they live. They only have light weapons, partially of the time of WW2. But at that they’ve already destroyed quite half of the helicopters of the fascist ukranian army. They don’t have money, the ammunition is almost over. And the ukranian army uses against them aviation, tanks, armoured vanguard vehicles, heavy artillery (howitzers, mortars, multiple launch rocket systems). The ukranian forces have already leveled to the ground some centers of population, they even shoot wounded men in hospitals. The Ukrainian SS are guided by american advisers and they also use well-armed mercenaries from western countries (Denmark, Poland, Baltic states, USA)… If Russia didn’t annexed the Crimea, they’d be killing the inhabitants of the Crimea now, where 80% of population are Russians, and would convert the Crimea into a very convenient naval base to prepare a war against Russia.